How to create & start wordpress blog (Step by step guide)

How to create wordpress blog (Step by step guide)

Many people have a lot of content to share with the online community and want to start a blog. Due wordpress, Blogger, and Wix, etc, it becomes so easy to develop a blog. In this article, I will guide you to create a wordpress blog step by step.

Choose Proper Blog Name

The first and most important part of blogging is to choose a proper name for your blog according to your blog niche. Likewise, if you’re a YOGA TRAINER, you need to choose a name that reflects your profession and attracts users who need content relating to YOGA.

A Proper Domain

Like blog name, you should keep in mind the domain name also matters in attracting traffic and ranking a site on different search engines. You should keep in knowledge  following points while purchasing domain:

  • Strict with .com like, www.statfinder.come etc
  • Use keyword that reflects your blog’s niche like above yogeeguru shows that site is about yoga
  • Make it easy for your audience to remember and spell
  • Avoid any Hyphens, Numbers or Double Letters
  • Use domain name generators site to avoid any unconvinced and delay
  • You can choose Nameboy and

Choose Proper Hosting

In simple words, hosting is a place where your site will be stored and help you to reach to your readers. The hosting matters lot in the speed of your site so be careful always to choose hosting which has maximum uptime speed. Slow loading pages irritate visitors and they will leave your site without going through. Some of the best web hosting providers suggested by are Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator. you can avail others according to your need and budget.

Why WordPress Blog?

There are many CMS and blogs creators are available, you must have been wounder why should I choose wordpress? Then my answer is, Almost 39.5 of the websites on the internet are created by wordpress. It shows one of every four websites is created on wordpress.

Primarily, wordpress was used and supported for blogs only. Thanks to plugins and themes everyone can now create any type of site according to his need. E.g. business, portfolio, eCommerce, learning management system, etc.

On the wordpress you can earn money through different sources.

How Many Pages a Blog should have?

The primary source of blogging posts but every blog should need some pages to inform and access its audience through it. Like About Us or about me Pages let readers know about you and your blog. Through Contact us/me Users can reach you easily

Other important pages are FAQs, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition.

Select your wordpress blog theme

The look and appearance of your site depend on a theme. Customizing a WordPress theme of your wordpress blog is the most important and exciting part.

Thousands of themes are available on wordpress directory, both free and paid. Adding a theme is an easy task

Appearance»themes»add new

Select your wordpress blog theme

Now you will see a list of 7400+ free wordpress themes. You can sort themes by popular, latest, featured, etc.

Whenever you hover over a theme you will be able to see two new buttons Install and Preview. By applying Preview you can look at the design and change your site’s appearance after activating that theme. For applying just install, activate, and then customizing it.

Install Plugin on your blog

Plugins are used to add new functions on your wordpress site without any custom costing just install and activate it.

How to install plugin on wordpress blog

Create your first wordpress blog post

By default, wordpress provides Guten Burg Editor. But many users prefer to use its classic editor. You can get it easily by activating Plugin Classic Editor.

Let’s create our first blog post:

Post» Add New

Create your first wordpress blog post


On the screen, there will be an editor like Wordpad or notepad with a bunch of tools including bold, italic, underlined text, inserting bulletins.

On the right bar, you have noticed three different buttons.

  • Save draft to draft a post
  • Preview to generate a preview of the post
  • Publish to make your blog post live


How to draft, publish and preview a post

Below these buttons, you find a widget of categories and tags. Simply add a new category and check that one for assigning a category to post.

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