how to make money blogging (Free and easy guide)

how to make money blogging (Free and easy guide)

How to make money with blogging? is a common question asked by bloggers or a beginner willing to publish a blog. For this, I am writing this article hope it will help you through different types of earning.

Making money with blogging is a passive (long-time revenue generator) type of income. It generates earnings slowly but for a long time. In this article different types of earnings are discussed.

How to earn money with affiliate marketing

Read carefully the following example to understand affiliation marketing, if there is a shopkeeper who asked you to bring customers and on every successful purchasing he will pay you commission. Similarly, many online store websites like Amazone, Commission junction Shareasell offer affiliation programs.

Plenty of products available on the online market, it is up to you which type of products you choose. But be aware try to choose that one which is related to the niche of your blog. Suppose you’re running Sport blog, then you need to choose the products which are related to the sport. like Hockey Stick, Football, Bat, Sport Galvez, etc.

Adding products manually is a boring and time-consuming activity. If your site is built through wordpress, then you can use any plugin to make ease. These plugins will automatically insert product’s link to a suitable page or post on your blog. Two famous plugins are listed below:

  1. Pretty Links
  2. Thirsty Affiliates

Get paid with Google AdSense through blogging

Google AdSense is the most popular source of earning among bloggers. If your blog getting enough traffic, then you must not be late to integrate Google AdSense on it.. This method makes you relax from the headache of searching sponsored content for your site.

Make money with Selling directly Ads on your Blog

If you think, with affiliation and AdSense services you will have to share your earnings with a third party, and don’t want to do it. There is another method that will protect you from this trouble. You can offer services of posting add on your website for different brands. It will save from commission to third party, both you and your client

With wordpress you can easily place ads with  Advanced Ads – Ad Manager & AdSense plugin.

Earn with sponsored blog posts/reviews

According to research, about 30% of users on the internet use any add blocker extension or tool. That is a problematic situation for the publishers who may want to earn money by displaying ads on their blogs.

A sponsored blog is when a company or organization pays for sharing a blog or reviews on its product or service on your blog. Charges for a sponsored blog or review vary from blog to blog or blogger to blogger, depending on various factors i.e. engagement of users to the site, type of blog or reviews, etc.

You can offer services for sponsored blogs directly to companies or use any third-party network like PayPerPost.

Which type of earning for blogging you liked most, do not forget to tell me in comment sections.

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