How to rearrange wordpress category?

Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order screen

A category is a base and most important part of a blog. By default, WordPress shows categories in alphabetic order. But some bloggers want to arrange these categories according to the reader’s intent. You can place the category’s list in the sidebar, footer, or archive page. Every position has its significance.

Here you will find method of rearranging categories by drag and drop.

You can use custom coding or a built-in plugin to rearrange the WordPress category. Many bloggers do not have any advanced skills in coding. For such bloggers, a fast and easy method using the plugin. Just install and activate “Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order”.

It is absolutely free plugin to reorder categories simply by drag and drop. After successful installation, you will see a new option in the posts “Taxonomy Order”. Where you can find all your blog and product categories. Just click and move up or down according to your need.

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